Dr. Michael Webster

Dr. Michael Webster - British Columbia's Permanent Teeth Expert.

Dr. Michael Webster

Since purchasing and re-founding Kelowna Dental Centre in 2013, Dr. Webster’s commitments to innovation, excellence in dental care, and patient-centricity have remained our clinic’s defining features.

Dr. Webster’s provides excellence in Implant Dentistry and Full Mouth Reconstruction.

Dr. Webster has travelled far and wide in service of achieving the world’s most valuable, innovative, and patient-centric credentials to best serve our patients.

Dr. Webster is one of Western Canada’s most experienced, educated, and dedicated practitioners, driven to bring the absolute best in the world of dentistry back to his hometown of Kelowna. When he’s not providing Implant Dentistry and Full Mouth Reconstruction to his patients, he can be found enjoying time with family.

I was born and raised in Kelowna and am incredibly proud to raise my family and practice the profession I love in this great city.

My three favourite words start with ‘D’: Dad, Dentist, and Danielle. My greatest passion in life is being a Dad, and I love nothing more than the joy of being a father. My second greatest passion is dentistry, which is immediately apparent to anyone who visits our clinic. The greatest gift my university education provided me was the opportunity to meet and marry my wife, Danielle. She single-handedly has impacted my life more than I could have ever imagined. She pushed me to excel during university and continues to open my eyes every day to be a better person. She is the most incredible mother to our four children, Elizabeth, Pearl, Harvey, and George.

I have an intense passion for dentistry – those that know me may even say this is an understatement.

Dentistry is dynamic and technical, layered with personal interactions and experience – a complex integration of relationships and clinical expertise. It provides me with continuous avenues of challenge, allowing for personal and professional growth. Every morning, I get out of bed with a burning desire to be better than yesterday.

Honesty, integrity and my down-to-earth personality guide me every day, in and out of the clinic. I treat everyone I meet with respect and dignity, and I always treat others how I would treat my family and closest friends. I guarantee you will not feel judged, will be listened to, and treated with care when we meet in the clinic.

Dentistry is dynamic and technical, layered with personal interactions and experience – a fascinating, complex integration of relationships and clinical expertise. by Dr. Michael Webster


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